About Me

Hi! I’m Caroline.


I’m an almost thirty-something gal, trying to navigate the ups and downs of early adulthood.

I work in nonprofit fundraising, and I love what I do. I’ve been really lucky to work for organizations that I’m incredibly passionate about, including a local animal shelter. I then worked in cancer awareness, and now I work in the food access space. The animal shelter had the best coworkers, though.


Working at a nonprofit does leave me with a limited budget. Additionally, in 2011, I began my weight loss journey. Eating healthy, exercising, and living lean don’t always sync up very well.

Money (or lack thereof) is one of the main reasons I initially got into running. I was very attracted to the fact that I could just lace up my tennis shoes and go. Running started off as a means to my weight loss ends, but I began running 5k races, and I rediscovered an athlete inside me that I hadn’t seen since high school. Then, in 2014 I quit running. And in 2017, I started over.


As I’ve achieved higher levels of career success, I’ve been able to loosen the purse strings a little bit, which means that I now include membership at a local yoga studio in my monthly budget. But I still watch my budget carefully, and love a good deal!


I didn’t want this blog to just be my cheap food and weight loss ideas (wouldn’t that be boring!).

I get to have a lot of fun in my life. Sometimes it’s because friends and I jump on crazy travel deals that take us overseas…



Or I get invited to fancy galas…



Or to baseball games…

But most of the time, my fun is had on the cheap-cheap. This leads to a lot of hanging out, having a good talk over a cup of coffee.

Feel free to follow me as I eat right, get fit, and feel fabulous while having a blast!



5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! Ultimately it is all about keeping things fun because if your workout turns into a job, its going to fail.

    And can i add aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! puppies n kitties!!!

  2. Health doesn’t have to cost a bundle..it’s just your hard work and making good food choices. 🙂 You seem to be doing both and having a blast too! So don’t stop what you’re doing. Cheers -Kari

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