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Dressed up dresser: DIY

I have a lot of stuff. Like…a whole lot. I also have a small dresser and a small walk-in closet. Therefore, for the past few years, I’ve had overflowing dresser drawers and a closet stuffed to max capacity.


I mean, seriously. And this is after doing a big clean out within the last six months.

I had been thinking for a while about getting a second dresser. After looking anywhere and everywhere I could think of, I realized that I didn’t particularly like anything I could afford.

It doesn’t help that I’m picky. I very specifically wanted something with cabinet space for towels and sheets since I don’t have a linen closet. I also wanted drawers on the bottom, not just shelves or another cabinet. And high-quality armoires aren’t cheap, y’all.

Anyways, after watching a few of pinksofoxy’s DIY videos on YouTube, along with the furniture makeover vid from What’s Up Moms, I decided to give the upcycling thing a try.

I got insanely lucky and found exactly what I wanted the very first time I went to Goodwill to look for a dresser. Seriously, cabinet on top, three drawers, solid wood and made by Ethan Allen. I got it for about $40.

dresser original

To start, I took off all the hardware and removed the doors and drawers. I spent an additional $50 at Lowe’s on sandpaper, paint, primer, a roller, foam brush, mineral spirits and a paintbrush. I bought wayyyyyy too much paint, so that total could have been $10-$15 lower. I also bought really cute new knobs for the cabinet doors on sale at a craft store for $3.

Then, I sanded the entire piece, including the doors and drawers. After I sanded each part, I wiped it down with mineral spirits and an old, soft rag to make sure it was completely dust free. Then, I primed everything. I thought I might be okay with using a paint and primer in one (I wasn’t), but after trial and error, I highly recommend using a real primer solo first.

dresser prime

Once the primer dried overnight, I got to start painting! I did three light coats, and used Milk Paint by Olympic as the white base and Belle Grove Sorbet by Valspar for the minty green drawers and accents. I painted the original drawer hardware the same color as the drawers to make them really unobtrusive.

dresser paintdresser doors

Then, I reattached all the hardware and screwed the hinges back onto the cabinet. I let the paint cure for one more night to give it a full 48 hours before setting anything on it, and then started filling it up with my stuff! I don’t have anywhere really safe to clear-coat and seal it right now, but I’ll probably touch it up and seal it whenever I move or get access to a safe place to polyurethane.

dresser finished

I’m planning to get some canvas bins for underneath to house my running tops, so that I can really maximize my space. For under $100, I was able to get a customized dresser that is exactly what I wanted. It fits so perfectly with my room and the space I have.

The dangerous thing is that now I have 7,000 ideas for what I want to upcycle next. Any brilliant projects to recommend?

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