Charleston (4 weeks later photo dump)

Alright, blog world. I have been bad, bad, bad about posting. It’s now been over three months since my last post. Life happens. I have switched positions and locations at work, taken on an internship, resigned my lease for another year, and a zillion other things. I’ve been trying to maintain a social life, but honestly, I’ve just been keeping afloat. Blogging has not exactly been at the forefront of my mind.

One thing I did manage to fit in this summer was a vacation! I hadn’t been on vacation since 2009, so this was awesome. Charleston was awesome. Not being in Atlanta for three days was awesome. Let’s just say the whole thing was awesome, okay? Okay.

Here I am, packed and ready to go:


I may or may not have a slight Vera Bradley problem. Seriously, I’ve had these bags since 6th and 8th grade, respectively.

I did fit in some running while I was in Chucktown. I was planning on some long mileage, but the humidity was so overwhelming that I ended up just doing two short runs coupled with core work. However, those early morning runs were an amazing part of the trip.



I got to see the aquarium…


and Fort Sumter…



The food was amazing, Charleston was amazing, it was all amazing.


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