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Motivations and affirmations

If you follow my on Instagram (carolinedb88), then you’ve probably noticed I’ve been posting a lot of fitness quotes lately. In part, that’s because I’m bored and like exploring hashtags, but it’s also because I’ve found that these silly little phrases and sayings actually really help me stay inspired and motivated to get my fitness on.

fitness is about

I’m big on competing with myself and trying to improve on what I’ve previously done. I know a lot of people that count of “kills” or people they’ve passed while they’re racing, but that doesn’t work for me. I really have to focus on a new PR, or lifting a heavier weight than I did yesterday. Otherwise I drive myself crazy getting too competitive.

I will beat her

I love this. It’s incredibly motivating. I’ve blogged before about how I don’t regret the Old Me at all, but I do want to beat her into the ground. I’ve given up so many times, and this little meme is a great reminder to keep going.

When the Old Me starts talking, she’s the queen of excuses. All day, every day. It keeps me from realizing my full potential. She spoke up this week and I took two extra days off from working out. I still got in three workouts this week, but that’s not what I want to be doing. I want to hit 5 or 6. And that’s not going to happen if I keep making excuses.

If you haven’t noticed already, my motivators tend to be inwardly focused. I don’t really care about having a body like hottie X, or beating runner Y. I care about being the fittest I can be. If that’s a six pack, cool. If my body’s there now, that’s cool too. I care about harder, better, faster, stronger.

Am I doing everything I can to be the best I can be?

What are some quotes you use to motivate yourself?

Is you competition focused on other people or on yourself?


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