Get fit

Jock jams

Recently, I’ve been running without music. Crazy. I never thought I could run without the tunes pumping, but I’ve found I honestly enjoy running without to tuneage. I tap into what’s going on around me, especially if I’m running somewhere pretty. I run with my phone and I always take earbuds just in case I need some pumping up, but mostly I try to run headphone-free.

Circuit training though? That’s a different story. I need those songs. Pandora, my friend, help!

Here’s a snapshot of a few of my stations.


The most listened to for working out? Hard rock and 80’s pop. Guns n Roses station is in there, too. Obviously, I like to workout to high tempo stuff, usually with a good driving beat. Also hard rock motivates me, but 80’s pop makes it fun. I usually decide which it will be depending on the workout and my mood that day. When I use tunes to run, though, it tends to be 90’s, country, or praise and worship music. Uplifting stuff. Also, stuff that keeps me at a sane pace instead of sprinting off only to crawl back.

However, when I rocked out in my apartment the other day, it was to this girl’s tunes.


I don’t usually get too into dubstep. I can listen to it, but it’s not typically the kind of music I’m going to go for. Or was that obvious from the insane number of 90’s rock and pop bands I had on my playlist?

Anyways, this chick is super talented. She plays the violin and dances to the music at the same time. Um. Excuse me? How exactly does one do a backbend whilst playing the violin?


But no, really. I want to know. Because my brain will not wrap around the physics of it.

I’ve discovered with music, I really, really like any recent song that includes violins/string instruments. I think it all started with Oasis and The Verve. Something about string music is haunting and touches my soul. In a good way, not a creepy way. So I had a blast jamming to violin with a sick backbeat.

I’m partial to a sick harmonica solo, too. Any way to up-tempo that? John Popper, get on it.


What kind of music do you choose for your workouts?

Do you run (or any other workout) with or without music? Why or why not?


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