Get fit

Isometrically speaking

If I’m not running or getting my yogi on, I’m probably circuit training. I love the variety and simplicity of a good circuit workout. It gets my heart pumping, I’m always at least a little sore the next day, and I can do them with little to no equipment (good, since my complex is in the process of remodeling the gym).

However, most circuits have a high cardio component, and I wanted to create a no-equipment workout that was all about the strength. Then I realized I haven’t done a workout based on isometric holds (besides yoga) in a long time. Thus was born this new circuit workout!


After having a super quick breakfast of scrambled eggs and an English muffin with TJ’s chipotle hummus, I hit this workout hard on Thursday. The results? A body like Jello afterwards!

One of the great things I’ve found about Iso holds is since there’s no reps to keep track of, as long as you don’t quit during the interval, you know you’re getting great benefits instead of questioning if you’re working hard enough. My legs were shaking after this workout. And my arms. And my abs, if that’s possible.


Dead. And relieved I survived the wall sits.

To finish my workout, I did something that I almost never do to burn calories—I shook my groove thang around my living room for 30 minutes and worked up another killer sweat. Just because dancing is a blast doesn’t mean it’s not effective cardio. It’s not something I do for cardio often, but it definitely brightened my mood on a nasty, rainy day.

It’s funny: when I did ballet, I totally understood that it was a super-intense, physical workout, but now I don’t even think about dancing around as a viable form of cardio. I mean, I’ll respect Zumba as a great cardio workout (oh wait, that’s dancing), but not just freestyling it around the house. Never mind that I’m out of breath and working up lots of sweat. Maybe it’s the concept that if I’m just goofing around I can’t be working out? Or that if I can hold a drink (Red Bull for me, please!) in my hand and do it in a bar it doesn’t count as physical activity?

Dance isn’t going to become a regular part of my activity routine, but it sure was a fun way to break the mold today!

Do you have a hard time thinking about “for fun” activites as a workout?

I do! Hiking, dancing, Kangazoom (basically a room full of bouncy castles) with my friend’s kiddos…these are all super physical activities that I don’t think of as a workout.

Do you ever throw in something “fun” to break up the monotony of your weekly workout routine?

I’m glad I did this week! It was a ton of fun. Then again, I do find running and yoga a lot of fun, just in a different way. But I do want to throw in more hiking to rev my heart rate this spring and summer. And to get outside more!


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