Just for fun

Baby showering

A few weeks ago, I attended the baby shower of one of my closest friends. She’s the first out of our old group to get married and have a baby, so this is super exciting for all of us.


Also, any party honoring this girl is awesome, because her momma knows how to throw a killer shindig.

I love these events for a few reasons:

A) The food is always superb. At the shower, it was breakfast casseroles, a fruit salad with some of the best strawberries I’ve ever had, and “dot” shortbread cookies from everyone’s fave bakery, Henri’s.

B) All of us have moved on with our lives in very different directions, so it’s fun being back together and catching up. I’ve probably drifted away the most—my life has changed so dramatically in the past year and a half that I can barely keep up with anyone anymore.

C) Any shower, wedding, or other event gives me an excuse to get dressed up. I wear khakis and a polo to work every day, so I’ll take any reason I can to look (and feel) pretty!

For the gifting, I went a little crazy at this awesome baby boutique called Baby Braithwaite here in Atlanta. They have the cutest stuff in the entire world. Attention all friends: you need to get pregnant ASAP so that I have another excuse to go here. I went with a lamb theme and scored great stuff on and off the mom-to-be’s registry.


Here’s the lamb belly blanket I gave her. Softest thing ever. Do they make that in my size?

shower gifts

How cute is baby gift wrap? Also, is it obvious she’s having a girl from all the pink?

It’s rare that I have a chance to catch up with everyone, so I’m always really grateful for these opportunities. It can be easy for me to get wrapped up in everything crazy that I have going on in my life, and I quickly forget to keep in touch with old friends.

As much as I try to make the most of these events, I’ve got to remember that reaching out when there’s not an impending birth is just as important, too. These are friendships I spent time cultivating, but the second life gets crazy, I go MIA.

And who wouldn’t want to keep up with these pretty faces?


group shower

UPDATE: Beautiful Princess Piper was born just a week later. She is the most perfect thing I think I’ve ever seen in my entire life.



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