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My favorite things: let’s fuel

Time for another edition of my favorite things! Should I start singing “The Sound of Music”? JK, you reeeeaaalllyy don’t want to hear me sing. Trust me.


As I’ve gotten back into working out, I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with how to fuel for my workouts. Especially long workouts. I’m still working out some kinks, but I’ve found some items that do a great job for me time after time.


nuun multi

I’m a newcomer to the Nuun craze. I first heard about it from SkinnyRunner, but I kind of dismissed it as a blogger fad. Then, I was at an event where they were giving out samples. Color me hooked! I love, love, love fizzy drinks, so the slight tingle that Nuun has is awesome. It definitely helps my mouth feel less gross after a run. You all know that feeling, where your mouth is nasty and feels all thick because of your sexy mid-run mouth breathing. No? It’s just me?

I also love that the 12 tablets lasts me about 2 weeks. If I ration one per workout (I wish I could drink it all day long), I get a really good value out of it. Way cheaper than buying a sports drink. And they have tons of fun flavors. My current fave is the citrus berry, but I’ve got a tube of tri berry at home now that I’m also diggin’. Plus, Nuun has only 6 calories a tablet and is chock-full of electrolytes. I definitely give it my vote.



I’ve tried a ton of different energy gels throughout the years. With swimming and rowing, they were super popular, but in the past 6 years, gels have really changed. For the better. Like, way better. After trying a bunch of different brands during long runs, I found that GU works the best for me. I have a weird texture thing with foods, and GU by far goes down the smoothest. And they have a bajillion different flavors. I always make sure to chase mine with water so that it digests better, which is true for any gel. Oh, and the flavors actually taste good! And what girl doesn’t want chocolate while she runs?


Larabar Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bar Close

I’m also a recent Larabar convert. My manager at work gave me a pecan pie one probably six months ago and I wasn’t a huge fan, so I mistakenly wrote off these little bites of awesome. At the half marathon expo, Larabar was giving out free samples, and I’m not one to turn down free stuff. So I snagged some. And voila! A Larabar lover was born. Peanut butter chocolate chip has been my jam recently. They’re a little calorically heavy, but that’s okay with me, because they make a great snack. I also love that they’re vegan and gluten free. I follow neither diet, but I do really appreciate products that are accessible to all diets. I tend to eat a Larabar about an hour before a run, because they sit in my stomach really, really well. I have kind of a picky workout tummy, so finding these has been awesome. I never feel weighed down, and they seem to last well into my run (and then it’s GU time!).

See? More ways you can be just like me. Since that’s clearly your life goal. But seriously, if you have a picky stomach during workouts like I do, take the time to experiment with different ways to fuel. My fueling regimen for a run over 75 minutes looks something like this:

1 hour before: Larabar and 8 oz of Nuun

15-30 minutes before: bathroom

60 minutes in: GU and water

15 minutes after: 8-16 oz of Nuun and lots of H2O + something with protein (bagel and cream cheese or Muscle Milk Lite are popular choices with me)

I’m still fine-tuning it, so keep a lookout for more fueling fails and successes.

How do you fuel before, during and after your workouts?

What are some of your favorite fueling products?


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