Future race fun

As I said in my half marathon post, I am rehooked on racing. I’ve started getting signed up for races of all lengths, and I have a tentative plan for the rest of the year to help me run fast.

The races that are officially on the calendar so far are:

  • The Dental Dash at Dawn 5k on March 30th.
  • The Run to the River 10k on April 20th
  • The Peachtree Road Race on July 4th

To round out the summer, I’m hoping to add in a Color Run (Color Me Radd), a 5k in June, and I’ll probably take the month of August off from races to kick off training for another half marathon this fall.

And hopefully, I will be running a frigid 30k up in North GA in December. I’m also really, really hoping to find/get together a team to do the Southern Odyssey Relay. So if you’re in the south, or feel like traveling, and want to help a girl realize her relay dream, let me know.

As for training, like I said, I want to start running FAST. Maybe not fast for a lot of you, but fast for me. I’ve got a couple of racing goals in my head.

  1. I want to break 30 minutes on a 5k this year.
  2. I want to break 65 minutes at the Peachtree.
  3. Sub 2:15 half in November.

This means getting serious with my training. Hills murdered me at the Publix GA half, and the Peachtree has a notorious hill (Heart Attack Hill—it runs right by a hospital famed for their cardiac unit), and I know the the Thanksgiving day half is going to be hilly. Come on, it’s Atlanta. The entire city is rolling hills.

Also, I’ve never incorporated speed intervals into my workouts, and now I need to. There’s a nice half mile trail in my apartment complex, and I live less than 2 miles from a high school track, so it’s time to start interval training.

I know how to do these things. Swimming and rowing taught me how to interval train, push through the pain, and get better, but I’m nervous to try it in a new sport without a coach at every training session. This is unfamiliar territory.

But, with some help from running websites and stalking other running bloggers (thanks, Sarah OUaL!), I’ve devised a plan that I think could work. It’s always open to revision, but here’s the basic idea.

Sunday: Yoga or Pilates or rest

Monday: Hill repeats on my lunchbreak

Tuesday: Body circuit

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Speed intervals/tempo run + yoga

Friday: Body circuit

Saturday: Long easy run

This is a plan that seems doable, but it’s always up for reevaluation. So we will see what happens. Also, come on training log spreadsheet city!

Do you have a specified training schedule? How do you log your training?


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