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I tend to have gross feet. I’m on them 40 hours a week, when I’m off work I’ve been known to cram them into cute shoes in the name of style, and I run. Let’s face it, those puppies spend most of their time sorely neglected. Not to mention, I’m typically too cheap to spring for a pedicure.

Enter Mom. She desperately needed a pedicure, too, so she booked us appointments at a swanky place near her apartment. Considering my pedis consist of walking into whichever salon is advertising a special, this was awesome.

Apparently, Mom felt like spoiling the crap out of me. Seriously, I could not have asked for a better day.

We started the day with brunch at Another Broken Egg, which was absolutely fantastic.


I got the Stan’s #1 omelet with no ham. It was shrimp and crawfish, cheddar-jack cheese and mushrooms. And from the picture of my plate above, I clearly hated it.

After brunch, we had some time to kill so we shopped ‘til we dropped. Anne Taylor LOFT was having a 40% off everything sale. Yes, please! Mom and I hit it hard, and I walked out with essentially a new spring wardrobe. I even took a risk and got some colored jeans. You’ll see pics of the clothes soon. Prepare yourselves for lots and lots of shameless mirror shots showing off my new wardrobe.

After a couple more errands, including new throw pillows at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (pics to come once I hang the new curtains I got), we made it to the Posh Spot, a local spa. And boy, did they take care of my tootsies! I didn’t take a before picture because honestly, no one needs to see that. Let’s just say that there was a half-black toenail from the half marathon involved.

And the awesome staff at Posh turned that mess into this:


I’m still trying to figure out if my pedicurist is a good witch or a bad witch.

Now, I just need spring to you know, spring so that I can show these babies off in some sandals.

How often do you treat yourself to pedicures?

Since I’m so tight on money, it’s whenever I feel like I can let $25 go. So not often at all.

What’s your favorite breakfast food?

Mine used to be bacon, but it’s evolved into goat cheese and mushroom omelets.


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