Holding the group up

Last night I decided to try my first ever group run. I showed up at my local Fleet Feet Sports at 6:30 ready to hit a few miles and maybe make some new friends. Let’s just say, it wasn’t what I expected.

For starters, I was the only girl who showed up. Second, it didn’t take me long to size up the situation and realize that I was by far the slowest runner there.

You know that half marathon I was proud I finished in 2:34? Yeah…one of the guys in the group finished 20th overall in that same race. In 1:20. As the three guys were stretching out, I started plotting my exit. But then I would waste a cute running outfit, and I can’t do that. And I’d already used a Nuun tablet to start hydrating. Not wasting that to not exercise.

pink shirt

nuun tri berry

Hey, whatever motivators work, right?

Plus, they’d already introduced themselves, so I’d look like a total pansy if I skipped out.

We ran an out-and-back just under 4 miles in somewhere around 40-45 minutes? I wasn’t keeping track of my pace, but they were going an easy recovery pace and I was huffing and puffing like the Big Bad Wolf. There was also a monster climb at the turn around. I ran half of it before my hip started feeling funny, so I walked the second half.


My hip’s been a little off ever since the half—I think the slant in the ground over 13 miles got it a little out of whack. For Saturday’s 5k, I’m going to go in with no expectations, and if I walk, I walk. I will definitely be listening to my body. Lots of foam rolling and icing tonight to try to get my hip to hold up through tomorrow morning.

The guys were super nice and refused to ditch me, even though I was totally slowing up the group. Um…embarrassing. But kudos for being chivalrous, guys!

I’ve been trying to find ways to keep running fun, so I’ll probably try the 8am group run on Saturdays that I don’t have races planned. That might be a group more my speed, so I won’t have a guilty conscience about holding up the super fast guys.

On another running note, I drove by the renovations on my complex’s gym this morning. Looks like it might be cool. Now if they can just get it open in time for summer, I’ll be a happy girl. I may hate treadmill workouts, but they’re better than dying in the July/August heat.

Or is it?

Treadmill or outdoors? What kind of weather will prevent you from running outdoors?

Have you ever tried a group run or other group exercise? Why or why not?


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