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Figuring it out (or an exercise in realism)

After not being able to walk move after Sunday’s half, I forced myself to take a few rest days from working out. Work was painful enough! Seriously, my coworkers got a huge laugh out of my old woman routine. That’s what I get for massively undertraining for a big race.

But by Thursday (my first off day of the week), I was feeling almost back to normal, so I hit an all about the abs circuit routine!

all about the abs

Lots of planking. And not the funny picture kind. The whole workout took 35 minutes and left me nice and sweaty at the end.

sweaty face

Going into summer, I definitely want to up my training regime. It’s really hard for me to get in workouts if I leave them until late in the day, but getting up early is sooooooo hard for me. Yes, I’m whining. I feel awesome when I actually get up and workout, but I know that it’s not the most realistic thing in the world for me. Most of the time, my bed acts like a black hole that sucks me in until the last possible moment.

Actually, that’s not even true. I get up plenty early to get ready for work and give myself time in the morning. But I think that makes me even more selfish with my sleep! And somehow, remembering how awesome I feel every time I do get up and work out doesn’t act as enough of a motivator. Early birds, how do you make yourself do it?

However, with the weather getting warmer and ATL heat and humidity about to kick in, I think I’m going to have to suck it up. If I’m going to be serious about training, I’ve got to make it a priority.

I’ve signed myself up for a pretty good number of races for this spring and summer, and I so want to get back on the yoga grind. Or as I call yoga, “Caroline’s Sanity Provider”. Since our gym at my apartment complex is currently undergoing renovations, lifting is out, so the current plan is running + yoga + circuit training = fit Caroline.

I’m still trying to figure out a realistic workout plan for me. Ideally, I’d like to workout 6 days a week. That might not happen, and I’d be okay with 4 or 5. But this 1-2 workouts a week thing has got to end.

After all summer will come whether I work out or not…


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