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Half marathon update

I totally haven’t trained. I’ve barely laced up my shoes in the past few months. But, I committed to do it. So on Sunday, I will be running trying to finish the Publix half marathon.


Yeah, they are already plugging for next year

Now, I have fit in a couple of long runs, and somehow, my 5k time has drastically improved without constant training, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend this training method to anyone. Stick with what the pros tell you! Don’t listen to this lazy girl with her blog—just pray that I don’t die.

My friend Tony, who’s a total fastypants, has agreed to haul my slow and untrained self to the expo with him. Meanwhile, he’s probably thinking “please don’t let anyone see me associating with this super slow, barely going to finish girl.” This will be coupled with me following him around the expo like a lost puppy, gasping “whasthat?” and “who is that person? why are people trying to get his/her autograph?” Cue Tony facepalming himself.

tony run

He’s in the direct center looking like a boss.

See? Totally looks like a pro. Oh wait, that’s because he’s about that good.

I’m excited about the expo, since all the races I’ve run in the past have been small, local races. This is my first BIG race. So I’m stoked to see what an expo is like. I’m hoping for lots of eye candy, running crushes, and coupons. Also, I’m pretty sure that after this expo, I’ll have my Christmas lists for the next three years planned out.

But, race day does mean that I get to pick a fun outfit to wear! It’s supposed to be absolutely gorgeous outside (sunny, high of 72 degrees), so short sleeves will be in order.

race day outfits

The Adidas tights are a non-negotiable. They are my absolute fave running bottoms. But the top? I’ve run in all three of these and like them all. Help, blog world, help!

If my running won’t be pretty to watch, at least my outfit can be, right?

Update: NONE of those options won. The nice folks at Janji running sent me a sweet green tech top. Since it’s St. Patty’s, I gotta wear green, right?

Which outfit should I wear? Do you have any race day staples in your wardrobe?

Definitely the Adidas tights and comfy socks. Everything else can change depending on weather, my mood, and the event.

Have you ever gone into an athletic event drastically underprepared? Has “just finishing” ever been your goal?


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