Friday was a super full day for me. I hit not one but two expos in one day! Be in awe of my expo skills.

The first stop was the Publix half expo to get my t-shirt, my bib, and as many free samples as I could score. Speaking of samples, Larabar may have won a convert. They were giving out some delicious samples.

expo 2013

The expo was definitely fun, but kind of dizzying. There were so many vendors! The layout was a little confusing—it seemed very crowded in, but I guess that’s just to fit every last vendor/sponsor in? They had people doing seminars throughout the day, which I thought was kind of cool, but didn’t seem to be very popular.

One thing they definitely did have was great prices on running gear. Because I’m cheap (read: broke), I just picked up a sweet set of two pair of Saucony running socks.

UPDATE: The socks were awesome during the race! Super comfy and didn’t slide around. I’m in love.

Once we’d had our fill of running gear and learning about upcoming races, Tony and I ventured across the GA World Congress Center to the Atlanta International Auto Show!

auto show entrance

A friend of Tony’s dad’s hooked us up with free passes. I may not be a huge car person, but I don’t turn down many things that are free.

The car expo was a lot of fun; it was really cool to see all the concept cars and the old muscle cars. Then again, I think that a Nissan Sentra looks cool, so I’m probably not the best judge of that. And now, for the auto show picture dump.


concept car






I learned one very important lesson today—guys on Instagram really, really like pictures of girls next to cars. Maybe less liberal hashtagging next time? #doubtit


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