The times are a-changin’

The blog is in the process of undergoing some BIG changes! I’m looking into self-hosting, and will be updating the blog to focus on my shift to a vegan lifestyle.

Thanks to all my readers who are being patient as I’m evaluating my changes and how to make this blog the BEST it can be!

Merry Christmas and lots of love,


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The death and rebirth of the half marathon dream

One of my first posts on here was about my Journey to 13.1. I was planning to run the Thanksgiving Day half here in the ATL. Guess what? It didn’t happen.

There are a number of reasons why. But mostly, I psyched myself out. I let the long runs get in my head, and I quit. On Thanksgiving, as ate lunch with my momma, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed in myself. I was so much closer this time than I’d ever been before.

What happened? Why did I lose that mental game so badly?

My first instinct was to say “because I’m lame and I suck at life.” My second instinct is to say “because I didn’t plan accordingly.” It’s true, I didn’t plan out my weeks well. Because I work such long days, instead of getting up early to get in a quick three or four miler, I slept as late as possible so that I had to stack all three of my runs on consecutive days. Burnout much?


As much as I wish, burnout does not look like that. However, that totally cute top is available on etsy.

This is what my burnout looks like:


Except, you know, I’m not a dude.

Burnout is a very real phenomenon that happens in sports and exercise from overtraining. No, three workouts a week is not overtraining. I’m actually hoping to get in 5 workouts a week from now on. What is burnout is sticking three of the same workouts at high mileage together over a 3 day window to fit into a weekly goal.

My half marathon dream has been reborn. A group of my coworkers have all decided to run the Publix half in March, and have invited me to join. Um, yes please! One of the vet assistants is taking point on it, so she’s trying to coordinate a way for us to do a short lunchtime group run once or twice a week, and we’re planning on group dinners and a few races from now to March.

Some of us are way advanced runners (marathoner, former Marine) and some of us have never run a road race at all. But the point is I have some accountability and support. And maybe that will give me the mental edge I need.

I will finish a half marathon in March. It’s going to happen.

The dream is alive.