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Taking it back

In my post yesterday, I talked a little bit about how much the UnderArmour What’s Beautiful challenge inspires me.251198_436011746456385_125224122_n

One of my favorite things I’ve seen from the challenge is the concept of “taking it back”. What exactly are they talking about? Under Armour is talking about taking back the concept of the woman athlete from the media. Women who work hard, get sweaty and dirty, and who don’t lie about busting their rumps in the gym.

It got me thinking about the things I’m “taking back” in my life.

I’m taking back my health.

I’m taking back my confidence.

I’m taking back my beauty and my strength.

I’m taking back my self worth.

I’m taking back all the things that ED stole from me for the last decade.

I’ve officially joined the What’s Beautiful challenge, so I’ll be updating with videos on their website (ahhhh! Vlogging…big fear of mine!). Whether or not you want to do a challenge like I do, I want to “challenge” all of my readers to find something beautiful about themselves to celebrate today. See what I did there? Consider yourself challenged.


No matter what we’ve been through, celebrating healthy living and treating our bodies well is a major milestone in any woman’s life. And we don’t celebrate it enough. Whether it’s losing weight, gaining weight, mastering a new yoga pose, setting a PR, or just feeling better, every step we take is a beautiful, thrilling thing.

And we don’t rejoice in it enough. I know I’m bad to beat myself up over little things.


But I have a lot to be proud of. I’m training for a half marathon and running 9 (!) miles tomorrow. I’m reestablishing a regular yoga practice. I have more confidence, and I feel lighter and happier.

That could just be the almond M&M’s talking. After all, chocolate always makes me happier.

Even on days (like today) that I don’t eat as well as I wanted to, or I didn’t work out like I’d planned, I can be grateful for all the things I can do now that I couldn’t when I was consumed with disordered eating. You know, like focusing on my running, and not worrying about what people think of the “fat” chick trying to run. Never mind that I’m always inspired when I see a heavier girl pounding out the miles…no one would ever think the same about me.

Because I am so special and different that the entire world focuses their energy on me. Duh.

What are you going to celebrate about yourself today?

What are some of your healthy living goals for the rest of the year?


One thought on “Taking it back

  1. I remember I used to think the same things you mentioned about the “fat” chick running. My biggest goal is probably to figure out what I need to do to maintain my weight (rather than keep losing) and make it through Halloween without eating every piece of candy in sight. 😉

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