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Aliens from planet early bird

I’ve had a really rough time getting my workouts in recently. I just lose all motivation throughout the day. Not to mention, it’s cold and dark by the time I get off work. Not exactly conducive to lots of motivation.

I’ve always envied people who can wake up at 5 am and workout. Personally, I’m kind of convinced that they aren’t actually human…they’re another species taking the world over one workout at a time.

monring jog

I read a great post on Peanut Butter Fingers where Julie’s husband guest posts about why he started getting up at 5 to go to the gym. It’s got me thinking…I already get up way early for work (5:45). At that point, what does an extra 45 minutes really matter? Could I realistically get up at 5 in the mother fluffing morning and go for a run or do some yoga?

Well, the answer is I can. However, what I’m really questioning is my willingness to do so.


Just looking at that alarm clock makes me a little sad. However, if I could get in 30-45 minutes of running, circuit training, or yoga, how much better can I feel during the day?

I’ve done runs early in the morning, and I love the way I feel throughout the day. I just can’t seem to get my lazy patoot out of bed more often to do it. But, I’m going to try to change that.

I’m calling this the Great Early Bird Experiment. And it may fail massively. After all, I do really, really like my bed. But, I’m going to try to get up at the butt-crack of dawn this week and get in at least 30 minutes of exercise. Keep in mind, I have a weird schedule, so I’m off three days a week instead of two. However, I’m thinking that on my off days, one will be a rest day where I can sleep in, and the other two, I’ll try to be up by 7 to workout. Also, I’m going to allow myself one early morning to sleep all the way until (almost) 6. That’s only 3 super early mornings out of 7 days.

When I think about it, it doesn’t sound that bad. But we’ll see what happens when my bed starts trying to seduce me in the early morning.

Caroline, stay here with me. I’m comfy and warm, and I love you.”

Yes, I have conversations with my bed.

Didn’t I already mention that I’m weird?

When do you work out? Morning/lunch/evening?

If you’re an alien from planet early bird, how do you do it? How do you motivate yourself in the AM?


One thought on “Aliens from planet early bird

  1. I’m an alien! I try to go to sleep as early as possible to get in my 8 hours of sleep. So it’s not unusual for me to start getting sleepy around 8PM and admitting defeat and going to bed by 9-9:30PM. I like being able to go to work knowing that once 5 o’clock comes, I’m done for the day. I don’t have to worry about going back to the gym. The whole idea of getting it all done early is what gets me up and out of bed.

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