Family fun

Daddy/daughter dates

I’m not going to lie to you guys:


I’m a big ol’ daddy’s girl. And I love it.

I hang out with both of my parents far more than most 24 year-olds do. Maybe far more than is healthy. But that’s okay, because my parents are pretty awesome.

I went through an extremely rough patch with my dad when I was in my late teens and early twenties. I was asserting my independence, and he was trying to hold on to his little girl. It didn’t work. We just didn’t know how to have a healthy, adult relationship with each other.

With a lot of work on our relationship, we’re finally at a really good place in our relationship. But I’m still daddy’s little girl. When I’m upset, I talk to him about it. I think there’s always that feeling that “daddy will make everything better”. I’m learning that those are unrealistic expectations (shocking!), and that it’s not his job to fix everything throughout my life (again, shocking!). But those were the expectations I used to have from him.

Recently, we’ve started working on not taking care of each other. We’re still supportive of each other, but our lives have stopped being so enmeshed that we can’t function on a basic level. My dad is one of the most loving, supportive, and important people in my life, but I’m finally realizing how lucky I am that he lets me figure things out on my own. He’s a great sounding board when I’m upset, but at the end of the day, I’m the one who has to figure out a solution.

Because I’ve stopped relying on my dad as a handyman for my broken life, I’ve actually been able to put my life back together in a way that makes me feel proud.


Today, my pops took the day off work, so he drove up to my neck of the woods and took me out for some delicious Thai food. We normally have a standing dinner date each week, but I feel like these spur-of-the-moment daddy/daughter dates are some of the most special. It’s nice that we can just meet and hang out without either of us having any kind of agenda; we just talk. It’s some of the time I cherish the most.

You know, until he says something weird, and I give him the eye roll coupled with “daaaaa-aaaaad!”

How often do you hang out with your parental units?

How has your relationship with them evolved as you’ve grown up?


2 thoughts on “Daddy/daughter dates

  1. I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! 🙂
    I live with my Dad but it’s almost like we act more like roommates. We totally get along, we’re just on different schedules and never home at the same time … Definitely need to start planning daddy/daughter dates.
    My Mom and I are great friends, however, even though we live close — we have opposite schedules and she never comes in to town and I don’t have a car … I wish I could see her more often.
    I really pushed my parents away through high school and university … but they were my biggest supports through my ED recovery. Now that I’m strong and healthy, our relationships are better than ever!!

  2. I still live at home, so I still try to spend time as I can with my mom. We typically go shopping or watch Project Runway together. When I don’t make time for her, I feel guilty since we’ve always been so close. It’s not getting in some parental time every once in awhile!

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