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Halloween Wreath Tutorial

I love decorating for different holidays throughout the year, but my budget unfortunately limits how much decorating I can do. When I’m low on cash, splurging on making my house look like a holiday heaven just seems too frivolous.

However, I’ve recently been exploring my crafty side, and I decided to try my hand at decorating a door wreath for Halloween. I’m no Martha Stuart, but I really liked the end results. Plus, the whole project only cost $15 whereas a a decorated wreath from Ms. Stuart retails for over $40.

I got all of my crafty goods from Michael’s. I used two different kinds of 2” wide ribbon, an 18” twig wreath, thin-gauge wire, and fake cobwebs for this project.

ribbon roses

I started by making these cute ribbon roses. I’ve been making them since the 4th grade, so it was nice to be able to use the skill for a project finally! I found a great tutorial on how to make these here.

By varying the lengths of ribbon from 1 yard to 3 yards, I created roses of different sizes and thicknesses. When I finished each rose, I then wrapped wire at the base of the ribbon rose to secure it, and left a long tail on each rose.

wire stem

Like so. You want to tightly wrap the wire at the base of the rose, and you’ll also want to be sure to leave a long enough “tail”. You’re going to use the wire tails to secure the ribbon roses to the wreath.

wreath start

I laid out the roses first to see where I wanted to secure them, then fastened them all on. Once they were secured to the wreath, I trimmed any ribbon tails hanging down from the roses.

wreath no web

Here’s the wreath with all the roses on.

As pretty as that looks, it was a little simple and not Halloween-y enough for me, so I stretched fake cobwebs across the wreath.


Here’s the end result. The wreath took me under an hour from start to finish, and the wreath can be stripped and used again for other holidays. I love that it’s not a “spooky” wreath, and I really like the simplicity of it.

Or maybe my love of all things simple speaks to a real desire to not have to make too much effort.

Anyways, for $15 I now have a cute wreath to hang on our front door, and enough left over cobwebs to decorate a few windows. I’m thrilled to actually have a house that looks like someone tried.

You know, because trying is something successful people do, right? Maybe I should try more…


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