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The most awesomely 90’s things I nearly forgot

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an ultimate 90’s kid. In fact, where are my slip dresses and Blossom hats?


Mayim Bialik, still rocking my world as Amy Farrah Fowler.

When I was a teenager (read: obsessed with being cool), I was more concerned with fitting in than keeping my 90’s heritage alive. But it was there. Oh, was it there.

Nothing quite makes me happy like something related to the 90’s. Maybe chocolate, but I still think the 90’s wins.

On that note, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve been rediscovering my roots, and I’ve been pained to find out that there are some things I had forgotten about that are just plain awesome.

1. Riverdance.


In 1995, there was no PBS special cooler than those Irish steppers. I remember gallivanting around our living room, pretending that I could dance like this guy:


I’m not sure any man has ever made the puffy pirate shirt cool, but Michael Flatley came pretty darn close. The nation was swept up in Riverdance fever, and I was certainly a part of that. I begged my mom for tickets when they came to the Fabulous Fox Theatre and was overjoyed when we went. I also had the VHS tape and watched on repeat. I even still listen to the soundtrack sometimes when I want to feel old. Yes, I am that cool.

2. Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego?


She’s in Seoul, South Korea…that’s all of the theme song that I remember.

Carmen had her crime-boss heyday in the 90’s. She had a digital empire. Computer games, a TV show, a game show. Hmmm, maybe that was all a part of expanding her smuggling operation?

In a weird way, Carmen was a role model for me. I know, that explains a lot. But, come on! The woman was brilliant. Plus, I learned stuff. I think.

3.  Platform Skechers.


I wanted them. I needed them. I didn’t get them. Something about my mom being afraid I would break my ankle. Looking back, I’m pretty sure she was just afraid I would look like the gym class ‘ho.


But anything the Spice Girls did, I wanted to do. I know, that also explains a lot. So I saved up my money, and in 1997, I became the proud owner of platform Skechers. Just in time for them to go out of style.

4. Bindis


In the 90’s, Gwen Stefani was the epitome of cool. She still might be, but that’s besides the point. Whatever Gwen did, millions of girls around the country wanted to do. So when she not only died her hair blue, but also started sporting tons of bindis all over her face, I knew what I had to do. Tear out a picture of her, stare at it each morning, and hate my parents for making me dress “classy.” Then again, I bet taking those things off hurt like a you-know-what. So, in retrospect, thanks mom and dad.

5. Bill Clinton on SNL


I don’t get  political on here. At all. But this was a defining moment of the 90’s.

Bill Clinton, however, is not the coolest of the 90’s sax cats. That honor goes to:


Scat-Cat. Yes, he’s originally from the 70’s, but the Aristocats got released from the Disney vault in the 90’s. So it counts.

How’s that for some nostalgia?


2 thoughts on “The most awesomely 90’s things I nearly forgot

  1. YES, YES, YES to saving up for Spice Girls gear just as it went out of style and to Scat-Cat (Aristocats = my life. LOVED it!!!). Although, I think you’re a touch older than me … some of these I was a little young for. 😉

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