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My favorite things: let’s start from the bottom up

Today introduces a new installment on Adventures in Living Lean: my favorite things! This series of posts will cover products that I personally can’t live without.

Since I spend tons of time talking about running on my blog, I figured the feet would be an obvious place to start. After all, I do spend 40 hours a week working on my feet,  plus those extra hours I spend running and walking my butt where it needs to go.

When I started running, I went and got fitted for shoes. Unfortunately, I have super weird feet, and was somewhere between a guidance shoe (moderate support) and a neutral shoe. I went with the guidance shoe because I figured…mo’ support, mo’ betta.

I was wrong. I switched to my current running shoe after that pair wore out. These days, I trot around in the Saucony Cohesion.


I’m going to be honest. I wasn’t fitted for these, and I don’t recommend going the buy-them-and-cross-your-fingers route to anyone. Seriously, get fitted. However, I got super lucky with these shoes, and will be sticking with Saucony until they stop making Cohesions, or until I can’t run anymore.

The cushioning I get from these shoes is awesome, and they’re a steal at only $55 on the website. My old shoes were $120! I like that my stride is more natural in a neutral shoe, and the color combos available are really cute. I try to get great bang for my buck, and I am a total believer that I get it from this shoe.

I’m also a big believer that running shoes aren’t gym shoes. I don’t like to lift weights in my running shoes because I can feel how easy it is for me to get out of a good lifting alignment in a shoe designed specifically for running. That’s where these puppies come in:


The New Balance 737. I like a really minimal shoe for weight training, and these give me a negligible drop (I think it’s like 4mm or something). Since these are specifically designed for cross training, they’ve become my go-to shoe for all things non-running related. If I’m out for a walk or hitting some heavy squats, these are the bad boys I reach for.

These were also super cheap. I think I paid $40 for them on Amazon. Keep in mind, I’m still $25 ahead from my old running shoes, and I’ve now got great runners and great cross-trainers.

Finally, let’s talk socks. There will probably be some more sock posts coming soon as I research compression gear, but for right now, I run in these raspberry Balega’s.


I didn’t get them for running to start with, even though I got them at a running specialty store. I got them because they were pink and they were on sale. However, a few days later, I went back for two more pair in blue and green. I’ve had issues with hidden comfort socks in the past because I find they ride down under my shoe’s heel cup, and I end up with a sexy heel blister.

These guys don’t move. I have yet to have any issues with these socks moving around on me, rubbing, or causing discomfort. I try to run all my long runs in these, and most of my short runs if I can.

Please keep in mind, these are just my opinions on these products. I think they’re awesome and worth a look by anyone who’s looking for excellent quality on a budget. However, please don’t mistake my advice as some expert tips. These are products that work for me. None of these companies have paid me in any way to endorse them…I just think these particular products are the bee’s knees.

Do you think they’ll start paying me to not endorse them?

Hope you enjoyed the first round of my favorite things! I’m really sorry I’m not rich like Oprah and can’t give everybody all this stuff. Or a car.

Do you have any products you swear by?


3 thoughts on “My favorite things: let’s start from the bottom up

  1. I never got fitted for shoes but I started have knee pain about 3 years ago and I decided to try out the vibram fivefinger shoes to see if that would fix my problem. IT DID! I am not saying that these shoes will help everyone but they worked for me and I absolutely love the way the feel….i wish they were a little cuter though haha

  2. I made the HUGE mistake of running in cross-training shoes. Never, ever do it. Ever!
    Do you think it’s super important to invest in running socks, or do you think cotton is fine if I’m comfortable?

    1. I run in a mix of cotton socks and speciality running socks. I seriously prefer the specialty running socks, and try to wear them exclusively on runs over 5 miles. If I’m in a pinch (haven’t done laundry in a while), I’ll wear plain cotton socks, but I always try to invest in the cushiest cotton socks possible. When I wear the super cheap thin ones for anything, I end up with painful feet!

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