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Talk the talk

Throughout my recovery from disordered eating, I’ve struggled with negative self-talk. Scratch that. Ever since…well, ever, I’ve struggled with negative self-talk. I can look at anything I’ve done, said, or thought and pick it to shreds faster than Sheldon Cooper can say “bazinga!”


Yes, I have an unhealthy obsession with all things Big Bang Theory.

I let the negative thoughts keep me from doing things I loved for a long time. Climb a rope? Might not get to the top. Speak in front of people? Could sound stupid. Run a half marathon? Never going to make it.

I realize now how silly some of that sounds. I can run a half marathon if I put my mind to it. Who cares if I make it to the top of a rope? And guess what? I’m totally going to sound stupid in public, and the people who love me will sound stupid right along with me!

One thing I’ve done to combat this negative talk is to make a list of ten things I love about me. Not ten things I hope I’ll someday have. Not ten things I want other people to think about me. Ten things I love about myself or am proud of or grateful for right this second.

Here’s ten things I’m proud of an love about me right now:

  1. I had enough courage to start a blog and share my writing with the world.
  2. I asked my mom for advice on a work email. And actually took it.
  3. I sang in front of people I barely knew last night. Even though I’m tone-deaf.
  4. I’ve persisted with half-marathon training further than I’ve ever made it before.
  5. I’m okay with being single. Actually, I’m enjoying being single for the first time in my life.
  6. I have roommates that I love and am grateful for every day.
  7. I have a job I can truly be grateful for. I enjoy going to work, which is more than a lot of people can say.
  8. I talked with my dad about going back to school to finish my degree and realized how badly I want it this time.
  9. I can talk to my dad about important things in my life and actually have a conversation about it.
  10. I have an immensely better and more satisfying life than I ever believed was possible less than a year ago.


This picture is from the S.W.A.T. Institute blog and is titled “Self love is very different than selfish narcissism”. I love that.

Finally, remember those Nike Women’s ads that celebrated our body parts? Here’s one that has inspired me over and over again.

Thunder thighs


One thought on “Talk the talk

  1. There are seriously NOT ENOUGH WORDS to express how much I love this post!! FABULOUS self-image exercise. Wow! Great job lady!! Keep promoting yourself! 🙂

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