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Grocery shopping the broke girl way

A couple posts ago, I mentioned that I typically spend $25 a week on groceries. I get a lot of questions in real life about how I do this, so I decided to do a little post detailing exaclty what I bought and how it breaks down. It may not be super exciting, thrilling stuff, but these are the things I do in my every day life. I’m human. I grocery shop. And I try to do it cheaply.

When I first began trying to grocery shop for a tight budget, I shopped at my local Wal-Mart. I’m not saying Wally World is the devil, even though a lot of people might believe so, but as my healthy eating journey has evolved, so have my tastes for food. Particularly coming into ED recovery, I want to give my body the healthiest things possible to help fuel and heal it.

So now, I shop at Harry’s Farmers’ Market, a local offshoot of Whole Foods.

The prices on produce are fantastic here, and it’s honestly been easier for me to shop cheaper here than at other grocery chains, because I’m more mindful of what I’m putting into my cart.

Here’s the haul:

I have leftover lemon lentil soup from earlier this week to take for some lunches, and my wonderful mama bought me some new Babybel Gouda cheese and a couple frozen dinners.

Here’s tbe breakdown.

  • Creamy feta crumbles–$2.79
  • Freshly ground, unsalted peanut butter, 0.7 lbs–$2.06
  • Loose baby spinach, 0.2 lbs–$1.26
  • Stretch Island Fruit Co. Apricot Fruit leather, 2 pieces–$1.18
  • Odwalla bars, 2 bars–$1.98
  • Organic cream of mushroom soup–$2.00
  • Snapea Crisps–$1.49
  • Ground turkey, feta, and spinach sausage, 0.36 lbs–$2.52
  • Brown Basmati rice, .89 lbs–$1.50
  • Ghirardelli 60% cocoa square–$2.99
  • Large brown cage-free eggs–$2.29

Total, including tax and reusable bag discount: $23.42

No, I didn’t buy a lot, but this will feed me for the week with snacks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is why I’m such a fan of bulk meals; I have enough left over from my previous cooking foray to eat leftovers this week. I’m also planning on making a sausage, spinach, and feta frittata and a chicken and rice casserole.

When I’m feeling flush, I’ll up my budget to $35 to $40 to restock on household basics, frozen foods, and canned goods for a week where I might be living leaner than normal. That way, I always have something to throw together and eat.

Because the ramen-noodle-every-night budget is boring.



2 thoughts on “Grocery shopping the broke girl way

  1. I’m definitely along the same lines — rotating through my stocks so I never have to go out and refill on everything all at once. And I always, always watch for the sales (no coupons, but sales). However, lately I’ve been indulging, but I still need to be gaining weight … #lameexcuse. Splurging on the treats is beating ED too, right? 😉

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