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A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I love reading other blogger’s surveys, so I decided to do one of my own! It’s a lot of fun to learn more about each other. I got this one from a recent post by Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers, and it seemed like a fun one, so here goes nothing…

This or That?

  • Run or Work Out in the Heat and Humidity or the Freezing Cold?

Freezing cold. The heat and humidity just wears it out of me. I’m super excited that fall is coming so I can run, run, run!

What running in the heat does to me.
  • Have Washboard Abs or Flat Abs?

Flat abs.

  • Dr. Oz or The Doctors?

I actually don’t watch either…I hear the Doctors is good, though?

  • Cardio or Strength Workouts?

Both. As a reformed (kind of) cardio junkie, I really, really love lifting weights. Now, if I could just get to the gym more often…

  • Cravings: Protein or Carbs?

Protein. More specifically, bacon.

  • Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper?

Bob! He seems so fun, and Jillian scares the panties off of me.

  • Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream?

Fro-yo. The frozen yogurt chains popping up all over the place have been excellent. Especially Pinkberry. What did I do before Pinkberry?

Mango deliciousness.
  • Strength Training Upper Body or Lower Body?

Lower body. I heart squats. However, I need to work my upper body more.

  • Protein Powder or Food with Protein?

Food with protein, even though I do love high quality protein powders.

  • Lunges or Squats?

Squats all day, every day. Squats make me happy.

  • Sweet or Salty?

Salty. Hi, my name is Caroline, and I’m addicted to potato chips.

  • Workout Attire: Cute or Comfy?

I’d rather be comfy. If I can be cute too, then that’s just icing on the cake.

  • Body Pump or Heavy Lifting?

Heavy lifting. I love the feeling of lifting a weight I didn’t think I could.

  • Yoga or Pilates?

Yoga. It’s done so much for me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I don’t practice as often as I used to, but I try to make it onto the mat a minimum of once a week.

  • Nike or Adidas?

I have a rainbow of Nike tempo shorts, but I typically buy whatever’s on sale.

  • Running: Treadmill or Outdoors?

Outdoors. I get so incredibly bored on the treadmill.

  • Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s?

I usually shop at Harry’s Farmer’s Market, which is an offshoot of Whole Foods, so Whole Foods it is.

  • Summer or Winter Olympics?

Summer. As a former competitive swimmer, I love watching people I used to swim with/against/around compete in the Olympics!

  • Exercises Classes or Exercise Videos?

Classes. Zumba, yoga, Pilates, spin…I love it all!

  • Steamed veggies or roasted veggies?

Roasted, without a doubt. I find the flavor so much better.

Hope you guys learned a few rando things about me. Because clearly, you’ve always wanted to know. Don’t lie. I know you have.


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