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Do these knitting needles make me look more mature?

I’ve always been a person to start a project with tons of gusto, only to run out of steam after a few attempts. I’ve tried knitting countless times, always to knit a few rows then stop.

However, over the weekend, I ran into a super easy knitting project to get me started, and I finished it (almost) all by myself!

The project is a ruffle scarf. I got the yarn, needles, and pattern from Michael’s, and I followed this tutorial from Red Heart. The project uses their Sashay yarn.

The hardest part for me was getting started. It’s not quite like normal knitting, because the yarn is so different. This is where the tutorial really helped me out. I chose to use 10 stitches versus 6 stitches for a slightly wider scarf.

Once you get the hang of knitting with the yarn, this project goes super fast. I think I finished in about 4 hours total. And I was not knitting anywhere close to fast.

Here’s the finished, ruffly caterpillar. However, I decided to go one step further and make mine an infinity scarf. Since I’m sooooo trendy and all. I simply sewed the two ends together and ended up with this:

The scarf is actually really thick, so it’ll be great for winter weather.

Here’s me, all ready for fall to get here!

The best part of this project was the whole thing, including buying knitting needles, cost me under $10. I highly doubt I could buy a high-quality infinity ruffle scarf for less than that. Plus, I got to pick my colors, my width, and have the satisfaction of doing it myself.

Oh, lordy, I just sounded like my mother.

What are some of your favorite craft projects?


2 thoughts on “Do these knitting needles make me look more mature?

  1. I’m terrible for starting projects with enthusiasm and quitting 3 weeks later — right now I have a half-knit blanket and a 2/3 finished cross-stitch sitting under my computer desk … and very little motivation to finish them. I’m sure the whim will kick back in eventually … hopefully! haha.

  2. I have so many projects on the go. I can’t remember the last time I actually finished one. Most of them are my own designs so I really need to get my rear in gear and complete something.

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