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Lesson learned

After reading Chelsie’s blog about rookie running mistakes earlier today, I apparently felt the need to go out and make some of my very own!

Because told me that it would be overcast with a chance of thunderstorms all day, I decided to hold off on my run until this afternoon when the chance of thunderstorms would be over, but it would supposedly still be overcast. Nice running weather.

Mistake #1: Instead of being overcast and cooler, it was hot, sticky, and humid. I felt like I was sucking soup instead of air. Cute, right? Definitely should have stuck with the morning run.

Mistake #2: I didn’t properly hydrate before or during my run. I need to start remembering to keep a few dollars on my while I run so that I can stop at a gas station for a Powerade if need be. I was planning on 4 miles, but stopped at 3.5 because I was so dehydrated that I started feeling sick.

Mistake #3: I went off on my run like a rocket, so I absolutely died on the second half. I pride myself on being able to run four miles; it was a huge accomplishment for me the first time I did it. By going out so hard, I crashed on my second loop and had to walk quite a bit in the second half.

All in all, I’m using this run as a big learning experience. Hydrate, start slower than I think I need to, and stick to the game plan.

The run took me from raring to go…

to a hot mess.

Yes, those are rivers of sweat on my shins.

I’m going to try another 3.5 miles tomorrow (morning) so that I can still hit close to my mileage for the week.

In other news…who knows what tomorrow is?

UGA football. Oh, yes.


One thought on “Lesson learned

  1. Thanks for the shout out!! 🙂 I’m really sorry you had your own running mistakes (I’ve definitely made those exact same ones in the past little bit!!) — the good news is that I know that we’ll both learn from our respective ones and from one anothers!
    Good luck tomorrow morning!

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