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Journey to 13.1

Today starts training for the…

I’ve wanted to run a half marathon for about a year and a half now, but something has always come up to keep me from training. Well, let’s be specific; I’ve always let things dissuade me from continuing my training. I’ve either gotten scared by the distance, the committment to training, or the sheer magnintude that I’m trying to do something that is a really big deal to me, and there’s a chance I might fail.

Hopefully, by putting this out in blogland, where the whole world can see, I’m giving myself the accountability to finish what I’m starting today.

But enough with the motivational speeches.

I’ve come up with my own training schedule modified from Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Program. I only realistically have time to run 3 days a week, so I used Hal’s long run scheme (mostly) and gave myself one run with moderate mileage and a short run every week.

In addition to running three times a week, I’m going to keep practicing yoga and keep lifting weights twice a week. Yoga will most likely be done on non-running days, but unfortunately, I’m going to have to double up running and weights to fit all my workouts in.

As I prepare to start my Journey to 13.1, I’m researching things like compression gear, energy gels, fuel belts, and technical wear. I’m really excited, but also feeling a little crazy for trying this. After all, I’ve never been a runner, and the most I’ve ever run without a walk break is 4 miles. But I’m also keeping in the back of my mind the sense of accomplishment I’ll feel when I cross that finish line, no matter what my time, place or method of finishing.

Here’s a table of my training schedule for any of you who are crazy enough to want to run like me:

12 week half marathon training   schedule Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
3 runs per   week
 Plus cross training
Week 1 3 mile 4 mile 3 mile
Week 2 3.5 mile 5 mile 3 mile
Week 3 4 mile 6 mile 3 mile
Week 4 4 mile 7 mile 3 mile
Week 5 4 mile 8 mile 3 mile
Week 6 5 mile 5k TT 3 mile
Week 7 5 mile 9 mile 3 mile
Week 8 5 mile 10 mile 3 mile
Week 9 5 mile 10k TT 3 mile
Week 10 5 mile 11 mile 3 mile
Week 11 5 mile 12 mile 3 mile
Week 12 2 mile 2 mile RACE

4 thoughts on “Journey to 13.1

  1. I’m running my first 13.1 on Sept. 23rd and am following the same program!! Small world! Loving it so far — the mileage increases are in perfect increments in my opinion. It’s definitely making me faster. Best of luck!! I look forward to reading about your progress! 🙂

  2. Half marathon is my favourite distance! It takes more training than a 10 k, but it’s not as gruelling as a marathon. Enjoy the training! I look forward to following your progress!

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